Automotive Cyber Security Platform

Connected car/Autonomous vehicle security and information platform with blockchain technology

CUBE is a network security company based on blockchain.

At present, the automobile market of 1.7 trillion USD, has reached an important turning point. The rapid expansion of car connectivity has brought attention to the significance of network security. Given that new cars from 2020 will be manufactured with built-in CDMA, connected cars are expected to be under constant threat of cyber-attacks, similar to attacks our network connected PCs coping with today. CUBE is preparing to embrace a pivotal role in the rapidly changing vehicle market.


Connected cars and autonomous vehicles require a myriad of communication hubs: vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to network(V2N), vehicle to Infrastructure(V2I), vehicle to device(V2D), etc. Increased connectivity enhances user convenience, yet also heightens vulnerability from cyber attacks. Thus, network security is pivotal in stabilizing the connectivity of vehicles. CUBE utilizes Blockchain, Deep Learning (in-depth learning) based AI-intelligence, Quantum hash encryption, Endpoint protection and Cloud-based Intelligence to ensure security in automotive networks.

1. Blockchain Security

The conventional blockchain technology grants security whilst maintaining simplicity, but has its limitation on transmitting large files. CUBE Blockchain security resolves such drawbacks, through utilizing peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol and asymmetric encryption. CUBE Blockchain technology will provide next-generation security for the automobile industry, taking advantage of the impossible-to-hack nature of blockchain, whilst providing rapid data transfer.

2. CUBEBOX Endpoint Security Technology

Connected cars engage in multilateral communication from various external sources: vehicle to network (V2N), vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle to device (V2D). CUBE Endpoint Security Technology generates endpoints at all external connection points for protection. CUBE’s unique technology uses ‘hash price’ to scan and distinguish over 300 million ‘known’ attacks with only 10MBs of disk space. In fact, even with our light-weight software, it holds the fastest endpoint processing speed amongst the existing endpoint security products.

3. Cloud Check-Box Technology

CUBE Cloud Technology can detect ‘unknown’ attacks by transmitting suspicious files to a cloud malware database, the Check Box. Our Cloud Check box is partnered with more than 50,000 corporations which upload and share newly encountered malware on a transnational database. ‘Unknown’ attacks that are left unidentified are sent to Sandbox, where files run in a virtual vehicle environment. Based on the verdict from the Sandbox analysis, the results are uploaded to the database and will be shared across other vehicles.

Technology Application

1. Data Business

According to the McKinsey Report, the value of data collected from a car exceeds that of the car itself. CUBEBOX enables anyone to become a data producer when he or she simply plugs our device in a car. CUBE will establish an ecosystem of automobile data sales and aim to become the world’s largest Big Data company.

Data Providers

The CUBE token links driving-related information from the car to data consumers who need this information. Drivers generate this information as they drive and receive CUBE tokens in return. CUBE then links it into a blockchain. Data providers can use this to tap into services such as “Over the Air” (OTA), autonomous car security, and mileage insurance services from data consumers.

Data Consumers

Data consumers who need this information will provide their services in exchange of Cube tokens. Automobile generated information, is sent, utilized, and received by all nodes. Data consumers can also provide OTA services and autonomous car driving support information to data providers. This circulation is a key principle of the CUBE token. CUBE’s tech can be applied to different blockchains and improve data security and sharing in various real world situations.

Cube Token Usage Plan

  • 2. OTA Business

    OTA technology provides remote automotive software upgrade. This will upgrade the functionality of in-vehicle software. CUBE’s blockchain based OTA technology will provide remote software diagnostic and the installation of bug patches.

  • 3. Automotive Security Business

    According to ‘Cybersecurity Ventures’, the cybersecurity market grew from 3.5 billion USD in 2004 to 120 billion dollars in 2017, more than 35-fold within a short time span. The switch to connected cars will result in burgeoning of the demand for network security. CUBE will provide a robust multilayered security that is vehicle-optimized, using our blockchain, endpoint and cloud checkbox technology.

  • Road Map

    • 1
      Apr 2018
      Contract Announcement Unveil new automotive and blockchain contracts and partnerships.
    • 2
      May 2018
      OTA Ver 1.0 AUTO device will be released
    • 3
      Jun 2018
      Blockchain Layer Architecture Completion
    • 4
      Jul 2018
      CUBE Conference in Seoul All contributors will be invited
    • 5
      Aug 2018
      Release Study Reports
    • 6
      Sep 2018
      Marketing Conference Online Marketing Progress Report Conference
    • 7
      Oct 2018
      Initial Development of AI Architecture Complete
    • 8
      Nov 2018
      CUBE Conference in Tokyo All contributors will be invited
    • 9
      Dec 2018
      Annual Report 2018 Real Time Online Broadcast

    Automotive Market Trend

    1.7 Trillion USD
    Target Market
    • Current Car Market
    • Autonomous or Connected Car Market
    Markets of Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles

    CUBE incorporates blockchain, endpoint and Cloud-based CheckBox to implement following business models.